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Old and new situation:
In 2007 the grave (without nameplates)
is replaced from the old to the new cemetery.
Alicia and her daughters are reburied in St.Gilgen.
  Alicia 1849-1935
2e spouse of Ferdinand IV(1835-1908) Habsburg-Tuscany
  Agnes 1891-1945 Habsburg-Tuscany
  Germana 1884-1955 Habsburg-Tuscany
  Margarethe 1881-1965 Habsburg-Tuscany
  HOYOS (1)    
  Georg 1842-1904 Hoyos  
  Alice 1851-1936 Whitehead. spouse of Georg
  Alexander 1876-1937 Hoyos
  Edmee 1892-1945 de Loys Chandieu, spouse of Alexander
  Johann Georg [Jean Georges] 1914-1998 Hoyos
  Helga 1916-2015 von Amann, spouse of Johann Georg
  HOYOS (2)      
  Edgar 1875-1952 Hoyos  
  Ilona 1879-1968 Kinsky, spouse of Edgar
  Zdenko 1903-1941 Hoyos
  Ines 1917-1985 Hoyos
  Adam 1912-1989 Hoyos
  Magda 1920-2012 Brunner von Lehenstein, spouse of Adam  
  Alice 1918-2007
spouse of Friedrich (1900-1986) Ledebur-Wicheln
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