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Hřbitov & Hrbitovni kaple
  Buried in the cemetery, in/after 1874 reburied in the chapel        
  Johann Josef 1786-1789
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 in the chapel
Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Theresia 1788-1789 Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Johann 1742-1813   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Therese 1759-1840   Attems, spouse of Johann  
  Nicolasine 1788-1840   Baillet de Latour, spouse of Johann  
  Johann 1786-1861   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Sophia 1814-1867   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Rudolphine 1856-1871   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Buried in the chapel        
  Theresia 1812-1874   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Constantin 1821-1876   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Theodor 1815-1881   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Nikolasina 1817-1885   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Franz 1826-1888   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Louise 1892-1892   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Marie 1867-1892   Sternberg, spouse of Johannes  
  Vincenz 1861-1902   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Marie Caroline 1832-1904   Kinsky, spouse of Theodor  
  Johannes 1857-1921   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Pia 1891-1930   Waitz, 1e spouse of Leopold  
  Peter Vigilius 1937-1938   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Leopold 1888-1944   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Romedius 1934-1963   Thun-Hohenstein (Bohemia)  
  Irene 1904-1976   Hirnigel, 2e spouse of Leopold