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Mausoleum an Büchenberg
and Friedhof


  cemetery outside the Mausoleum  
  Armgard 1883-1971 Cramm, spouse of Bernhard
  Bernhard                                                       (since 1971) 1872-1934 Lippe-Biesterfeld
  Ernst 1892-1914 Lippe-Biesterfeld
  Rudolf 1856-1931 Lippe-Biesterfeld
  Friedrich Wilhelm 1890-1938 Lippe-Biesterfeld
  Luise 1868-1959 Ardeck, spouse of Rudolf
  Godela 1906-1989 von Oven, spouse of Friedrich Wilhelm
  room 1 [Hauptgewölbe]    

picture from the informationpanel in front of the mausoleum

  Friedrich Adolph 1667-1718 since 1908 Lippe
  Simon Heinrich 1694-1734 since 1908 Lippe
  Pauline 1769-1820 since 1908 Anhalt-Bernburg, spouse of Friedrich Wilhelm Leopold I
  room 2 [left of the entrance]      
  Polyxena Louise 1733-1764 since 1908 Nassau-Weilburg, 1e spouse of Simon XII August
  Marie Louise Leopoldine 1746-1769 since 1908 Anhalt-Dessau, 2e spouse of Simon XII August
  Casimire 1749-1778 since 1908 Anhalt-Dessau, 3e spouse of Simon XII August
  Simon XII August 1727-1782 since 1908 Lippe
  Leopold I 1767-1802 since 1908 Lippe
  Paul Alexander Friedrich 1827-1854   Lippe
  Friedrich 1797-1854   Lippe
  Emil Hermann 1829-1884   Lippe
  Christine Louise Auguste Charlotte 1822-1887   Lippe
  Marie Caroline Friederike 1825-1897   Lippe
  Friedrich Wilhelm 1858-1914   Lippe-Biesterfeld
  room 3 [right of the entrance]      
  Paul Emil Karl 1832-1834 since 1853-1855 Lippe
  Leopold II 1796-1851 since 1853-1855 Lippe
  Emilie 1800-1867   Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, spouse of Leopold II
  Paul Friedrich Leopold III 1821-1875   Lippe
  Woldemar 1824-1895   Lippe
  Sophie 1834-1904   Baden, spouse of Waldemar
  Karl Alexander 1831-1905   Lippe
  Karoline Pauline 1834-1906   Lippe
  Simon Casimir 1900-1980   Lippe