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  Carlos III 1823-1854 Bourbon-Parma  
  Carlos II Luis 1799-1883 Bourbon-Parma  
  Maria della Neve 1902-1984
spouse of Carlo (1893-1954) Piercy
  Luisa 1821-1823 Bourbon-Parma  
  Ferdinando 1871-1872 Bourbon-Parma  
  Anastasia 1881-1881 Bourbon-Parma  
  Augusto 1882-1882 Bourbon-Parma  
  Maria Pia 1849-1882
Bourbon-Two Sicilies
1e spouse of Robert
  Margarita 1847-1893
spouse of Carlos VII (1848-1909) Spain
  Robert 1848-1907 Bourbon-Parma  
  Elvira 1871-1929 Bourbon (Spain)  
  Jaime 1870-1931 Bourbon (Spain)  
  Blanca 1868-1949
Bourbon (Spain)
spouse of Leopold Salvator (1863-1931) Habsburg-Tuscany
  Henri 1851-1905 Bourbon-Parma  
  Marie Louise 1855-1874 no grave, not mentioned in the information
Bourbon-Two Sicilies
1e spouse of Henri
  Henri 1873-1939 Bourbon-Parma  
  Marie Immaculee 1874-1914 Bourbon-Parma  
  Iginio 1890-1950
spouse of Maria Immakulata
  Joseph 1875-1950 Bourbon-Parma  
  Maria Beatriz 1874-1961
Bourbon (Spain)
spouse (div) of Fabrizio (1868-1944) Massimo
  Maria Immakulata 1892-1971 Habsburg-Tuscany  
  Maria de los Dolores 1891-1974 Habsburg-Tuscany  
    2014Marianne van Dam